23rd Nov 2015
Sectional OR Sofa
While the west is busy embracing the beautiful autumn, we say hello to our festive season. And this time around, we cannot help but think about revamping our homes to welcome the festive frenzy. With great deals going around for home décor, I’m sure many are planning to swap their old ...ReadMore
10th Nov 2015
5 Tips to Take Care of Your Leather Sofas 1
Leather sofas are unique; they enjoy a higher status in the sofa realm when compared to their fabric contemporaries. Why? You may ask. The answer lies in leather being a durable upholstery; it comes with a natural patina that only grows richer with time. But for this to take place ...ReadMore
6th Nov 2015
5 home decoration tips_cover image
  Space constraints, especially in an urban set up, is a major issue. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep our small home pretty and tidy. Everybody likes to have a bright and airy house, no matter how small or large it is. Although it might seem quite a challenge, initially, ...ReadMore
20th Oct 2015
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Make an impression that defines    To say the living room is similar to a handshake won’t be an overstatement. Just as you would determine a person’s nature by his handshake, so it is with this space. It illustrates the personality, choice and inclination of its dwellers, making it the room not ...ReadMore